Thursday, September 20, 2007

You got served, ye scalawag!

By the end of the semester the first functioning video game that I have worked on will hopefully be complete. For my "Game Collaboration 1" class, our goal for the fall is to have made a fully functioning casual video game. There are only about seven of us in the class though, so obviously we're a little understaffed but things are looking good. We have a small team of programmers (using Game Maker 7), a team of artists, and then the design team of which I am associated.

The game itself is an "insult-fighter-card game". So think of it like a Yo Mama competition crossed with Mortal Kombat crossed with Magic (the Gathering). Oh, also all of the characters are either Time Ninjas or Robot Pirates. So far, the game plays a little like this: two players square off against each other. The object is to deplete your opponent's health meter by constructing insults with the cards that you draw from your deck. Its kind of like a Mad Lib. You play a "structure" card which is something like "Your ____ is ____!" and you fill in the gaps with the appropriate noun, adjective, or verb.

It still needs a little refining and we plan on playtesting next week.

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andy said...

so..i guess you would get points...if your cards were "Your _ is a _" structure and "mama" and "Robot Pirate/Time Ninja's mother"!