Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's been awhile, but here we go...

Hmmmm while I doubt that too many people check up on this anymore, I feel the need to vent so here we go.

I pay a lot of attention to politics and the news. One source (and I would hardly call it a source) that I go to is Fox News Channel. Why you ask? Sure it's great to listen to people that you agree with on other networks, but I feel that it is also good to listen to people you disagree with in order to keep your political skills sharp. I watch Fox not to be informed, but rather to debate and challenge every lie that they tell.

Anyways, I have had enough of the sheer idiocy of their guests and supposed "analysts". Lately Hannity, Beck, the morons on Red Eye, and Gretchen have made it a point on their respective programs to bitch and moan about how the media is not criticizing Obama like they did for Bush. Tonight on Hannity's "All-American Panel" (that's the name of the panel, not me mocking it although I might as well be) he had one bumbling, nervous liberal and two uninformed conservatives sharing their twisted politics. Fox always like to say they are fair and balanced, but whenever they have a liberal analyst, it is always the most nervous and crazy sounded liberal they can find. But that's not why I'm pissed off right now. I'm pissed because of the "professional" conservative analysts featured. One was a ex-professional football player and the other is a conservative blogger with a bad face-lift.

Why does the non-fact based opinion of an ex-nfl player matter enough to be shared on a news network? This guy has no qualifications and is simply warping the opinions and beliefs of those who know even less than him. At one point he asked why former president Bush is under scrutiny for waterboarding and then went on to preach that Bush was defending us from terrorists and that he should have done more (suggesting caning). Now because he said that, there are going to be a 1,000 more idiots out there asking the same thing completely ignoring the fact that torture is ILLEGAL and that the U.S. has even led UN sanctions against other nations that have done the same thing (Japan for water boarding). This person has no business informing the public because he apparently has trouble distinguishing fact from NOTHING.

The other analyst, the blogger with the mug you don't want to chug, was an even bigger imbecile. She is Pamela Geller and her website www.atlasshrugs.com is filled mistruths and mindelss zombie followers applauding her for every word that she spews. On the show, she claimed that when it comes to abortions, liberals only want to drive you to the abortion clinic. Hmmmm, I'm a liberal and I do not want anyone to have to get an abortion. I would rather that people had a choice that they can make for themselves. On her website, she claims that all democrats protect child rapists? I'm not even going to argue this one as there is nothing that could be further from one-sided coverage of an issue than this.

How in good conscience can Sean Hannity invite these idiots to share their bias when his program airs on a NEWS channel. There is no news here. Back to Fox's anti-Obama campaign, aren't other news networks doing the same thing Fox did when Bush was in office? Get off your high horse Fox, they are doing the same damn thing you have done for the last eight years. All that these hosts are doing is bitching about Obama and offering "news" with their good ol' fashioned right-wing spin. How is it possible that you can even judge Obama after 100 days? Oh wait, you can't. All of their talk about how Obama is befriending terrorisim supporters (specifically Chavez) is completely misguided and I feel sorry for those who treat this bullshit as actual news.