Saturday, December 1, 2007

It just says McLovin!

After my last post about marriage and mating, which I dont think I presented very well, I realize its been a while since I posted something less "Thought"ful. So here's a little something that I hope everyone can partake in.

Everyone needs a good alias. And I mean a GOOD alias. Not just some funny fake name like Humpy McBoobs. Something believable. Something with a backstory. A whole alter-ego. I seriously can't count how many times I've wanted to give out a fake name or school or something, only to awkwardly sputter out, "I'm....uhhhm....Christian Henderson". And then everyone is wondering why I was so confused. Its cuz I was frantically trying to think up a witty and humorous fake name. This especially comes up at Starbucks or ordering a pizza. Even though I know its coming, I still fail when they ask my name.

So why does everyone need a good alias? If it hasnt happened yet, somewhere down the road you're going to be talking to someone somewhere and you dont want to give out any personal information. However, if you have a prethought-out alias with a full backstory, you'll always be covered.

I now call all of my readers to come up with a good alias for themselves. Make a believable name and an equally believable backstory. I dont want to hear about how Sergio McLovin was the first person to slingshot himself into space. I haven't come up with one for myself yet, I'm horrible at naming things. However, once I do I plan on running with it. So that means fake MySpace page, business cards, student ID, etc. You can never be too prepared.

If you have any suggestions for names for me, please post them! First on my list is Sean Neil.


Jimmy said...

lol i like this one.

closest thing i've come to hiding my real identity is phantom(but only in the online world) and every now and then me and a guy in our dorm last year would sign Bob Saget or Al Gore to our credit card purchases at walmart.

I'm thinking Josh McDermit?

It's hard to think of a backstory though. I'll just wait for xtian to post one then intertwine mine with his. That's the Josh McDermit thing to do, take the easy path through life.

Jimmy said...

should clarify,

i took the post as a challenge to come up with names for myself. cuz i mean really, its a good idea.

for xtian

I'm thinking Scott Parker?

Jimmy said...

forget mcdermit. it was more of a joke. upon further thought my alter name could be Joshua (Josh) Ian Matthews. notice the initials spell out J.I.M. I have to leave some clues to who i really am.

Josh Mcdermit said...

Josh Mcdermit's twin brother said, "I'm really looking forward to the Canadian guy's response to this one."

Janine said...

I give the name Gertrude sometime at starbucks, but i doent have a story for her as of yet

andy-Lucid Dreamers Writer said...

Sean Neil already has a backstory:
-born and raised in Peaceful Valley
-hobbies: jogging, running, helping out at the local shops.
-favorite food: donuts
-clothing style: tshirt with short sleeve collared shirt
-traits: loyal, outgoing, friendly, generous, easygoing, somewhat simple, athletic, adventurous when others are, etc.
-dislikes: darkness, many hands grabbing him, sand blowing in your face, seeing friends afraid or getting hurt, corn flakes, faulty alarm clocks, amnesia, some of Ben's jokes, getting probed, etc.