Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Naked Alliance

You may be wondering why the URL for this site is "nakedalliance". You may also be wondering what that strange growth is thats coming out of your navel. But lets try to focus on the important things, k?

Jimmy has spent the last four or so years trying to get me to play Ravenshield, or Battlefield, or Battlefront online with him. Slowly wearing down my defenses year by year. I used to complain that my computer couldnt handle it. It would crash while trying to play minesweeper, how could it possibly handle an online shooter? And for a long time that was a reasonable excuse. But now, since I bought his old computer (still perfectly good), I have no good excuse. Im sure I'll at least try out some of his games since theyre way cheap.

Getting back on track... most online games have "clans" or groups that you can join into. Last I checked Jimmy was playing with Funk Nation. A while back, I got the brilliant idea for my own clan should I ever choose to start one for some game. And I would call it... The Naked Alliance! Why naked? Cuz its inherently funny, and as far as I know, there are no other naked clans out there. The idea of the group is that everyone associated has to be buck naked when they play. Of course no one will actually know and its easy to cheat, but damnit at least some of them will be and thats good enough for me. If I can inspire just one person to strip down and play with his joystick then I will have done my job.


andy said...

awww...how'd you know I was cheating?? Was it when I said my socks were itchy?

Alliance is a good word.
For example:
"You are a traitor, and a part of The Naked Alliance!"-Vader
"I don't know what you're talking about. I'm on a diplomatic mission to a nude beach on Alderan.."- Leia

Jimmy said...
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Jimmy said...


everyone buy ravenshield and counter strike now!