Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Person I Hate Most Today: Dr. Jack Cassell

So I was checking the news today (I really gotta stop doing that) when I came across this story, "Fla. doc's sign warns off Obama supporters" (

Yes, that's right a doctor, someone whose purpose in life should be to help people, is putting politics first. Now, to be fair (unlike the GOP, HA!), he isn't necessarily refusing service to people who voted for Obama. If you read the article you will see that the sign on the door appears to be as far as he goes, but isn't just putting up the sign going too far? This urologist is pressuring people to seek medical help elsewhere because of their political affiliation. This is absurdly unethical. No one has to right to know your political affiliation much less discriminate against it. Even if he is not directly discriminating against people, he is most definitely indirectly doing it and in my opinion that is still clear discrimination. Think about how the public would view the situation if he had a sign that said, "If you're Jewish, go see another doctor."

As a doctor, he took an oath to help people, to improve their quality of life. Doctors are supposed to be compassionate individuals that use their intelligence to serve the public. In this country, the public is made up of any race, religion, or political belief. The doctor has no right to even hint at not treating a certain group of people who are doing nothing but exercising their right to freely elect their leader. His prejudice is Un-American and is preventing him from living up to his obligations as a medical doctor. If he is going to continue with his discrimination, his medical license should be revoked.

His actions are in response the new healthcare legislation. How can someone be so afraid of the progress the country is making? We just passed universal healthcare (more or less) and are finally catching up with the rest of the developed world. It is people like this, people who supposedly represent the educated, upper-class American citizen, that makes the rest of the world dislike and probably pity the United States.


Tom said...

Somewhere around nine of ten black voters voted for Obama in 2008 and will in 2012.

Dr. Jack Cassel placed a sign telling Obama supporters to go elsewhere.

Obviously, many conservatives watch Fox News and listen to Talk Radio and read conservative bloggers. Conservatives are used to hearing "mega-dittos, Rush!" and used to everyone they meet and talk to agreeing with them.

For anyone who supports Obama to go into a doctor's office in a space that is open to the public and see a sign that he is not welcome by virtue of his beliefs and his vote is distressing.

We do not want to conform to Rush and Glen Beck just so that we can actually get treatment. and the doctor's office becomes yet another place where we have to justify ourselves.

But worse, who would want to debate their doctor? It is bad enough being sick, but having doctor's offices become just another space where conservatives proselytize their views and demand that we conform our views to the views of the health care provider is another level of aggravation.

J - Beezie said...

especially when the doctor's a urologist. I mean, there are some important things that the doctor you disagree with is examining...

good points sir

J - Beezie said...

in response to your comment of 9 of 10 black voters voting for Obama,

there are countless studies conducted by many prestigious political scientists and sociologists that have found direct correlations between political association and race, gender, sexual preference, age, or religion.

even if the doctor was not intentionally discriminating against any of these categories (in an attempt to avoid violating the Hippocratic Oath), by putting up that sign he is, in fact, discriminating against these people.

any doctor, or anyone who has gone through some level of higher education for that matter, should have the common sense to understand everything that is tied in with political association. unless the doctor is the most naive person on the planet (or an idiot), he knows what he is doing. how can he not be violating the ethics required to be a medical professional?

Nicolas said...

I just reiterate that, yes, political affiliations correlate directly with your race, gender, culture etc... In essence this is cleavage theory.