Monday, December 7, 2009

The Person I Hate Most Today 12-7-09

This is the beginning of a new segment/reoccurring topic that I like to call "The Person I Hate Most Today". If you haven't assumed this already, I will basically name one person as the person I hate the most on the particular day I feel wronged enough by this person to make my way to my computer, double click my browser, click on the new post button, and write away.

So without further ado, the person I hate most today is.....(drum roll here)..... Sarah Palin. Why you ask? Why now? What makes today so special? Well, to be honest, it's not so much what she's doing today specifically as much as what she's been up to lately as a whole. The keen political mind that is Sarah Palin has been very active lately as she has been on a nonstop daytime media binge in an attempt to peddle her very "factual" pamphlet Going Rouge....errr...I mean Going Rogue to the mindless drones that, sadly, make up a large portion of the American public.

Everyday I have seen news headlines about the release of her book and every one ends the same way hinting or suggesting that she might run for President in 2012. Often in these stories there are quotes from numerous "Palin Pals" encouraging her to run while pledging their unquestioning support for her supposed stances on the many political issues of the day (never mind the fact that her stances on the issues of the day are Republican influenced sentence fragments of political thought deserving nothing more than to be presented in the form of kindergarten macaroni art much less a book). I have not really taken comments about her running for President seriously until I heard quotes from Republican organizers in Iowa following her latest book signing. They want her to come back to Iowa and essentially start campaigning. Iowa happens to be the first state to vote in the Presidential Primaries which makes it a very influential state. An Iowa Republican Party official made it clear that they could rally a crowd of 20,000+ if she were to come back and field questions about running in 2012. It seems as if though people are actually very serious about her seeking office.

Not only does this baffle me, as she has pretty much no real political experience, but it scares me as well. 20,000+ does not sound like much now, but this could only be the beginning. We've all suspected that this "tell all" book is an attempt to gain support for a White House bid, but now I am actually thinking that our suspicions may be correct. That 20,000 could grow very quickly with all of these book signings and with the comments from Iowa Republicans it seems as if she actually might be able to rally enough support to be taken seriously as a potential candidate. Does this worry anyone else?

No offense to her, well actually...complete offense to her, the woman is nothing but eye candy. She has no political merit and her lack of understanding regarding domestic and international policy, as exemplified through numerous interviews during her 2008 campaign, should offend anyone else who is actually qualified to run for president. I was surprised she was able to coherently collect her thoughts on issues to successfully write a book even with the help of her right-wing nutjob coauthor who probably did most of the writing. Sarah Palin should not be considering running for office and no one in their right mind should find reason to support her. But for some reason people like her and they do support her, and it is because of this that Sarah Palin is the person I hate most today.

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Andy said...

perhaps other republican politicians like her for the very reason you dislike her: she is eye candy. perhaps they are looking for someone who can appeal to citizens while easily being pushed, pulled, or persuaded? perhaps they view her as a potential puppet? it's hard to tell.

Anyway, if I can make an analogy of movies to presidency, this would be like a film with great intelligent and powerful dialogue being followed immediately by action blockbuster with no plot.

so you are not the only one worried by it.