Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm going to do it! It can't be put off. As much as I hate it, it is time to talk about the economy.

Well well, another debate down, another night of unanswered questions and concerns. But, how realistic is it to expect that some of these questions are going to be answered in the first place? As much as I hate mudslinging and these idiotic commercials talking about absolutely nothing, I am actually going to defend our candidates.

What is every one's main concern right now? Let me guess, the economy. While we should be concerned, I am sick of pundits and the public bitching and moaning about how this person doesn't have a plan, or that person is just babbling out buzz words and catch phrases. GET REAL AMERICA! Does anyone honestly think either of our candidates are going to disclose the full details of their economic plans (assuming they have them which I am assuming they do). There is no way in hell any one is going to get a definitive answer about how we are going to fix the economy. It would be campaign suicide if either candidate said what they we really have in mind.

Our economy is in such a crappy state, that there is no quick fix that for some reason people are expecting the candidates to have. The truth of it is, that in order for the U.S. to bounce back we are all going to have to sacrifice for a little while for the greater good. But no one wants to hear that, and God forbid one of the candidates says that. If either one of them explains that the only way to get out of debt is for some people to lose out, they are going to lose so much support they will probably lose the election. Of course if one of them does say the truth, the other one will immediately lie and make a false promise about how no one loses in their plan and sadly people will be duped, and said lying candidate will win.

There was one question in the debate last night that I liked a lot and it demonstrates that the American people are not just a bunch of idiots. An elderly person, who grew up during the Great Depression, blatantly asked what sacrifice we would be making in order to bounce back like they did back then. Good job for asking that, unfortunately guess what...neither Obama or McCain directly answered it, but I think it's time to stop expecting them to.

I generally like debates, as they are usually entertaining and a lot of the time we are able to really hear what these candidates say when they have to think on their feet. I especially like how I can view the debates, even the VP debates, on like 6 High Definition channels. Unfortunately the debates this year are, while stupid at times, being overshadowed by this misguided theory that they should be talking in detail about economic plans. Get over it, it will not happen because no one really wants to hear the truth of the matter. If you want some insight on how these candidate's economic plans might carry out, do some research and look back at congressional committees they have served on in the senate, and bills that they have authored or been major supporters of. That is probably the best way to get a realistic view of how these politicians will carry out business once they are in the white house.

And to make matters a little more biased and interesting, take notice that McCain has voted on about 90% of Bush favored legislature, legislature that has gotten us to where we are today. For shame McCain, for shame...

(pssst...Obama '08)

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Andy said...

yeah, it's funny how the media portrays McCaine as a "maverick" who goes against others.

as you say, he's agreed with Bush over 90% of the time. can he really call that change? i don't think i can even agree with J-beezie or Xtian 90% of the time, especially when we eat out.

Obama's gonna be the guy who says, hey, let's try the special. it's looks tasty. McCain will just order chicken nuggets for the zillionith time, and get upset when they don't have honey mustard.

Also, McCain is NOT relunctant to talk about his "Vietnam" experience. For gosh sake's people...why do you think it's brought up so often?

I like the fact that you boldly mention we need to make some sacrifices (and the eldery gentleman mentioned it too). This is something we all need to acknowledge. Let's do something to make this world as close to better off as possible for our future children and grandchildren.

I'm Andrew Zeller, and I approve this message.

Camille said...
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Camille said...

James, 1st- can you at least go back and edit your posts when you see that the spacing is ridiculous and a waste of space?
2nd- if I remember correctly, in the beginning of the campaign, Obama admitted that with the economy in the state that its in, we will have to sacrifice. That potentially things could get worse before they get better but they WILL get better. With McCain, they would just stay the same- in this limbo of day to day uncertainty. I can't remember how his comments were received at the time but we can see from his recent answers, he's opted to be much more vague now.

J - Beezie said...

they are both being vague now though. Yes obama did say that, but what I am saying is that he is not going to spell out a detailed plan this close to the election because the reality is that the only detailed plan results in a good majority of people losing money and if they hear that from him they are likely to vote mccain.

im saying its stupid and pointless that people are bitching about why they wont talk about the economy. they will once they are in office, but now is not the time to risk voters. basically its a Prisoners Dillema

and also, I dont know why it formats like that. it is not me. it is something that happened after I proofread it the first time.

Christian said...

Camille is totally right. Your paragraph spacing is completely out of hand! Imagine how many virtual trees you could save if you just lined up your paragraphs right underneath each other. You're not being very E-eco-friendly. If we dont act now to protect our E-vironment we could end up doing irreversible damage. But thank god that there are people out there like Camille to point out these disastrous crimes against the virtual world.

Christian said...

I dunno, you make it sound like if they told their economic recovery plan, the other team would know the play, intercept the pass, and run it back for a touchdown. Maybe would you mean is that neither candy has a firm plan, and revealing that they dont have a firm plan would reflect poorly on them. Also, my main concern is porn.

Recovery is usually a good thing. But has anyone thought that maybe we're better off with completely collapsed economy?

Yeah these debates are pretty lame. I bet Lincoln and the bunch are spinning in their graves. What the hell happened? Seriously, tell me. Now.

J - Beezie said...

no no surprisingly enough I do believe they (or their people) have plans. maybe they dont have intimate details worked out, but i know they know more than they are sharing with us and their action of not sharing all the details is intentional.

true debates died when they took away the talent competition and the swim suit competition