Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gas Prices Too High or Not High Enough?

Alright I'm going to try to make this short since I need to be in the hot tub soon. In the last couple of years, gas prices have gone way up. And like the whores and addicts that we are, we bitch and complain but we still crawl back to the pump for our sweet sweet liquid crack. I know because I do it too. I really like having the freedom that comes with owning my own car and being able to drive any where I want any time I want. But isn't it about time we retired the combustion engine engine and adopted a new energy with modern functionality? Automobiles really haven't changed all that much since Henry Ford's Model T which began production ONE HUNDRED years ago. We ARE STILL using the same basic technology that powered those cars. In over a hundred we haven't come up with a better and more efficient engine than that? Well we have actually, but they've been stopped from entering mainstream production. The problem is that the oil companies make way too much money the way things are now to let that happen without a serious fight. The automobile industry as it is now is built around having to constantly pay to use a car. Even after you own a car you still have to pay for gas, tires that wear out, and tune ups and oil changes every couple of months. So you can see why the oil companies are doing everything they can to stop cars that don't need as much energy and don't need tune ups and oil changes. Now, our problem is that gas prices are just enough that people will be still use it and not make drastic changes in their lifestyles or demand new technology. If suddenly gas was $10 a gallon, I would bet there would be rioting in the streets for a new engine independent of gasoline. We need higher gas prices. Not just a few dollars though, I mean WAY higher. The higher the better. Its time to shape up and get with the fucking 21st century. We DO have the technology for clean and efficient engines. Its about time we got to use it.


J - Beezie said...


I'm often contemplating raising gas prices too. My theory is that if gas is crazy expensive, then most people won't be able to afford it and will find other means. Not only that, but without a whole bunch of people driving, roads wont get as much wear and tear and thus maintenance costs/taxes will decrease. Also, with no demand, oil prices will drop and stock will rise. If we build enough stcok supply of oil maybe we can keep those prices down for awhile too.

andy said...

i agree. i vote Xtian for president, even though he used the f* word at the end of his speech on national public television.

J - Beezie said...

i've always wanted to vote for a president whose official platfrom is "I support the F-word"