Thursday, September 13, 2007

Let There Be Light!

And so there was!

I applaud you for making it this far. Truly you are a hero worthy of my divine influence and insight. But more importantly you cared enough to check out this little experiment. And for that your time shall not be wasted.

Please note that this is NOT a journal! You will (probably) not hear about what I had for dinner, or that my mom called, or that I stubbed my toe getting the mail. What you will, however, are some things in my current life that I am rather proud of and other projects/experiments that I am working on, possibly as well as semi-philosophical ramblings. Now you may ask yourself, "why would I want to hear about that?" Well there is always boredom...and uh... well once this thing gets going Im sure there will be some good reason to keep coming back. Thanks for stoppin by and dont forget to bookmark my page.



andy said...

So...what DID you have for dinner, anyway?? I'm dying to know...

Christian said...

Old french fries from between the cushions of my car seats.