Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm surprised this hasn't happened sooner

I cooked a pizza for myself tonight. Pepperoni. Tony's brand. They're pretty good and darn cheap. Everything was going smoothly until I pulled it out of the oven and realized that I had nothing to cut it with... I frantically searched for whatever I could use to cut it up before it exploded, or something. That's when it hit me. The scissors! To my surprise the scissors worked remarkable well. Clean cut, no wedging of cheese from the pressure, it was good. So, the next time you're left without a knife, don't be afraid to improvise.


Jimmy said...


andy said...

might i suggest a toenail clipper for precision cutting?

Fact: Last night, I used a pair of pliers and a hammer to crack open walnuts, which is a less physically damaging method than our patented elbow-cracking technique. I have now determined that the flavor of walnuts is not worth the effot...*sigh*

camille said...

i love walnuts :)