Sunday, September 16, 2007

Idiot-proofing your keyboard

For those of you looking for just one more way to inflate your techno-ego and feel superior to people who are not quite as tech-literate as you (I'm looking at you, jimmy), here's another. By this day and age you would think that most everyone could type without looking at what the heck their fingers are touching, but of course you'd be wrong. So, how can you take advantage of this little fault? By popping the keys off your keyboard (its quite harmless) and rearranging them as you see fit. This will ensure that anyone who can't type with their eyes closed will be unable to taint your computer with their inferior keystrokes.

After doing this you can rest assured that only those who are worthy will be able to command your keys and it also nets you 5 Geek Points. Congratulations!


Jimmy said...


andy said...

i rtied wjat u haid? r7ut id ridn)t gork% cery nell###

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